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1.5 Years in the Data Detective's Chair: Reflecting on My Journey as a Data Engineer in Walmart

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

As I sit down to pen my thoughts on this special occasion, I find myself in awe of the journey that the past eighteen months have been. Today marks my one and a half work anniversary as a data engineer in the Global Governance team at Walmart. Join me in revisiting the challenges, triumphs, and evolution of my role as I navigate the intricate world where data holds the key to unlocking the secrets within the retail giant.

The Early Days:

It feels like just yesterday that I embarked on this data-driven adventure at Walmart. The early days were filled with learning the ropes, understanding the intricacies of Walmart's vast data ecosystem, and becoming acquainted with the dynamic nature and usage of data within a retail giant. The support from my colleagues and the collective commitment to excellence within the Global Governance team set the stage for what would be an exciting journey.

From Data to Decisions:

The essence of my role lies in transforming raw data into actionable insights. Over the past year and a half, I've been part of projects that have taken data analytics to new heights in the Investigations domain. From identifying patterns in data to automated analysis of retail scam detection, the power of data in making informed decisions has been at the forefront of our endeavours.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing:

In the ever-evolving landscape of the retail giant, collaboration is key. Working with audit & compliance team, and fellow data engineers has been a rewarding experience. The exchange of knowledge, ideas, and perspectives has not only enriched our projects but has also fostered a culture of continuous learning within the team. Together, we've created a dynamic environment where each member's expertise contributes to the collective success. And of course not to mention my amazing mentors / team leads (or should I just call them friends now :D).

The Pivotal Role of Data Engineering:

As a data engineer, my role extends beyond just analyzing data; it involves building and maintaining the infrastructure that makes data-driven solutions possible. Optimizing data pipelines, ensuring data integrity, and implementing scalable solutions are all crucial aspects of my responsibilities. The ability to marry technical proficiency with a deep understanding of business and functional needs has been a defining aspect of my role.

Adapting to Challenges:

The landscape of data engineering is not without its challenges. Whether it's adapting to emerging threats, optimizing workflows for efficiency, or addressing the ever-growing volume of data, each challenge has been an opportunity for growth. Overcoming these hurdles, alongside my dedicated team, has been a testament to our resilience and commitment to staying ahead in the field.

Celebrating Success:

The victories in the behind the screen teams are often quiet, but their impact reverberates throughout the organization. From preventing potential fraud to enhancing security protocols, the success stories that have emerged from our data-driven initiatives are a source of pride. Each success is a reminder of the vital role that data engineers play in safeguarding Walmart's operations.

Looking Ahead:

As I celebrate my one and a half work anniversary, I look forward with enthusiasm to the future. The world of data engineering in Global Governance is dynamic and ever-evolving. I am excited about the opportunities for innovation, the challenges that will push our boundaries, and the chance to continue contributing to Walmart's commitment to security and integrity.


One and a half years as a data engineer in Walmart Global Governance team have been a journey of growth, collaboration, and meaningful contributions. I am grateful for the experiences, the camaraderie of my team, and the chance to be part of a department that utilizes data to safeguard the heart of a retail giant. Here's to more years of unraveling mysteries, preventing threats, and making a positive impact through the power of data!

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