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Data Engineer III

June 2022 - Present

Walmart Global Tech: Project


Being a part of Global Governance team, most of my contributions were towards the internal Investigations domain of Walmart Organisation. Which means on a very high level, we are looking at raw junk data coming from multiple sources into the Walmart data lake and trying to spot some suspicious activities. This job includes data management, data warehousing, preprocessing of data, structuring the data, applying data science and logical senses to extract intuitive data patterns. Ofcourse dashboarding the data patterns will help the business understand where the observed data patterns lead to.

We are responsible for saving multiple people’s life and a lot of money for Walmart by avoiding any kind of fraud or illegal activities staying behind the scenes.

Staying at one place in front of a laptop and surveil-lancing most of Walmart data from Investigations point of view is a very very interesting game to play with tonnes of learning every single day. Learning about different angles from which the data can be looked from different pair of eyes is a feeling by itself. Here together we do the most important job of saving lives across all domains connected to Walmart.

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